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Motion Sensor LED Security Light

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Motion Sensor LED Security Light focuses on the innovation of the latest technology and design. We present you a cost-effective, Eco-friendly way to light up and beautify your garden, backyard, garage or anywhere outside your house. The sensor LED security light is equipped with 16 upgraded high power LEDs. With high sensitive human body sensors, security light turns on automatically and turn off when the person is gone out of range. Motion Sensor LED Security Light works on solar power. It absorbs and converts the sunlight into electricity. Body is built with the IP65 waterproof material, polycrystalline solar panels and is easy to install, wireless and no maintenance required. 

Motion Sensor LED Security Light

Super Bright (16 Bright LEDs)
Detects motion within 10 feet - 120-degree angle
No wiring necessary; user-friendly
Durable, weather-resistant & heatproof plastic construction
Easy Installation: just mount it on the wall with the included screw
Automated switch - Auto on at night/auto off at sunrise; Dim light when no motion / Bright light activates when sensing motion