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Glowing moon handmade necklace

 "Fly me to the moon. And let me play among the stars." A classy and gorgeous piece. It delights during the day or when charged glowing at night.

It will glow when charged under a UV light or sunlight. If not charged, the glowing material is an off white color. It should hold a glow for a little while.

As it's handmade, it will not look exactly like the one in the photo, minor variations will exist. 

We use the highest quality glow in the dark material. Compared with regular sulfide photoluminescent pigments, it have 10 times higher and longer afterglow luminance and afterglow time. A beautiful gift for everyone!

When you are in a darker place appears this magic "turquoise" light ! You have to charge it by holding it under sunlight a few minutes (or any light you have) before you wear it in a dark. It will gradually release its light energy throughout the night. It can be charged by sunlight or with A keychain Black light that makes your jewelry glow instantly in a few seconds!

Style: Vintage
Pendant Size: about 6cm
Length: 55cm+5cm