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Air Swimming Fish Toys Drone

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This product needs to be filled with helium gas which is not included in the parcel.
You can fill the gas in the balloon shop, flower shop, and wedding shop.
Considering heat expansion, please don't fill too much.
DO NOT fill it with hydrogen, hydrogen is dangerous when meet fire.
Helium is the inert gas, will be safe.

Giant blow-up fish (3ft 7 inches without fins, 4ft 8 inches with fins) - requires 1x AAA battery (included)
Radio controlled handset - requires 1x 9v battery (included)
Radio controlled frequency – Shark 27MHZ, Clown Fish 40MHz
Complete 360 degree turning movement
Will stay inflated for weeks
Can be refilled again and again
Remote Functions: climb, descend, and tail fin control
Range: Up to 40 feet
Material: Nylon
Length (with tail): 57 inches (4ft 8 inches)
Height (with fins): 36 inches (3ft)